Fall Fellowship

Hey Egwa,

   I will start by giving everyone an update regarding the Fall Fellowship this
   past weekend. We had 197 people in attendance, which is almost a 100%
   increase over Spring Powwow, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The
   focus of the weekend was "The Quest for the Holy Grail," which was found just
   before dinner by a member of Utoy Chapter. Also, during the weekend, we
   completed a service project for Bert Adams and we held the elections for the
   2001 officers.

   For the next year, your officers will be as follows:
   Lodge Chief: Frank McMillan (me)
   VC of Administration: Sam Kaye
   VC of Program: Mike Ziolkowski
   VC of Indian Affairs: Andy Holt
   VC of Communications: John Campbell
   VC of Finance: Justin Balsam

   The upcoming year promises to be amazing and I hope that with your help we
   can change the lodge for the better in every aspect.

   Onto other pertinent information. For those of you interested in nominating
   one of your brothers for the Founder's Award, the nomination forms are due by
   October 15th. I have copies of the application in electronic format, so if
   you need one I can send it to you via email.

   Also Andre' Pennington wanted me to pass along some information about Habitat:

   In a message dated 09/18/2000 11:26:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ADP1225
   << Wesedica, along with Etowah are responsible for providing volunteers for
   this weekend. I have talked with Etowah, but I cannot find any numbers or
   emails for Wesadica. If you belong to wesadicha chapter and know how many
   people you are bringing this weekend, or if you have info on how I can get in
   touch with them, please send me an email or give me a call.
   and (770) 981-0125.

   Also if you want to volunteer for this weekend 9/23/2000, let me know,
   because we will need the help.

   Andre' >>

   In the upcoming weeks, we have a number of events of which to be aware. The
   Atlanta Area Council Sportsfest at Stone Mountain is coming up on October
   27-29, 2000 and the make-up Ordeal at Allatoona is on November 3-5, 2000.
   Also, if you are planning on being an officer this year, this ordeal will
   most likely include the lodge's annual Leadership Seminar (LLDC).

   Lastly, as the newly elected lodge chief, I would like to have some
   suggestions from everyone regarding ideas for the new year and committee
   appointments. If you have an idea or know of someone (including yourself)
   who would be qualified, send me an email. Thanks for all your support.

   Yours in WWW,
   Frank McMillan
   Vice Chief of Administration
   Egwa Tawa Dee, 129
   Personal Email:
   Email System:
   Phone: (770)993-0874